Custom football Uniforms

Fully custom made football uniforms from STR8 SPORTS, Inc.  Stand out from the rest with our uniforms.  Don’t see anything you like, we got you covered with our design team.  We can make anywhere your mind goes.  FULLY CUSTOM!!

custom basketball uniforms

STR8 SPORTS, Inc. will come up with a fully custom design for you.  Stand out from the rest with our custom graphics and unlimited colors.  Custom made the way you want it.



Custom made backpacks made to your exact specifications.  Want it to match your teams uniforms?  NO problem, we will design your bag to match your custom made uniforms

Pulse backpack

Our pulse backpack is made for the active athlete.  Shoe compartment with vented holes to help keep the compartment fresh.  Side cooler to keep you drinks cold and a compartment that can fit up to two basketballs.

Basketball bundles

Basketball Bundle Packages

Multi bundle options available with unlimited customization on each piece.

Multi team discounts available for organizations.


Team stores available for all type of programs.  STR8 SPORTS will handle all of the order taking and make it simple for you when it comes to getting apparel on your players and fans.  Want to make it a fundraiser?  We can make your team store a fundraiser to help offset team costs.

Custom Baseball uniforms

custom baseball uniforms

Stand out from the rest with our custom made baseball uniforms.  Full custom made the way you want it.  Unlimited customization available on any style


Custom sideline gear

Stand out from the rest with our custom made sideline gear.  Team suits come with or without a hood just like the pros.  Coaches polo’s and short’s to match your teams uniforms.  Shooting shirts with or without a hood.  We have it all and can custom tailor it to your needs.

Custom Soccer Uniforms

Stand out from the rest with our custom sublimated soccer uniforms.  Any style with unlimited customization for a flat fee.  Contact us today for a free quote.